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Ttlconf Ibiza 2019 event that merges Ibiza, innovation and entrepreneurship.

On Thursday, September 19, 2019 we co-organized with Palladium Hotel Group an event that helped bring investors from the travel, technology, entertainment, and lifestyle world together to talk about the new generation, sustainability, and what new concepts of brands have become a necessity.

We started the day listening to the ways the travel industry is changing with the use of new technologies with interesting and different points of view from three speakers: Natalia Bayona (UNTWO), Abel Matutes (Palladium), Mauricio Prieto (founder of eDreams) and Pere Vallès (Exoticca). Their main points were sustainability, differentiation and, disintermediation where they discussed the everchanging possibilities in the traveling industry and how to adapt to new ages.


Later in the afternoon we introduced the topic of mobility, where the key points were focused on Smart mobility, the changes that are happening to its industry specifically in Ibiza and sustainable mobility. The speakers were Iván Burgos (Porsche), Alberto Oliveira (Mobilectric), Timo Buetefisch (Cooltra), and Javier Torres (2nd Vice-president of Consell of Ibiza). With their huge amount of knowledge on the topics they were able to comment on the transformation of customer habits, the “chinification” of goods, the preferences of young people of a phone over a car as an example, and the poor use of the lifespan of a car as well as the use of smart cars.


After a lunch sponsored by Julius Bär, we moved on to entertainment which was presented by John Acquaviva and Rishi Patel (Plus8Equity), Vicenç Martí (elrow), Kurosh Nasseri (Law offices of Kurosh Nasseri) and Andrés San José (StubHub). The focus on this panel was how technology plays a role to create a new standard for the industry. Their discussions were about the tough environment investors go through in order to become successful in online platforms, the use of Virtual Reality for live music as well the up and coming different styles of music.


To end this event, the last topic that was presented was Lifestyle, where the main topic is online brands, influencers, and how improving the user experience in the apps can bring a lot of added value to the brand. The speakers were Luz Ballesteros (Grupo DeQuatro), Ismael Barros (Soluble), Agustin Gómez (Wallapop), Gala Mora (Fashion Journalist), Marta Villaseca (Telefonica) and Mireia Verdú (Francina Models). Through them, we were able to learn a true definition of lifestyle, changes in the way marketing had always worked, and the balances between sustainability and profitability.


After a very informative day of panelists were the focus was technologies and the changes that it is bringing to the industries, we got to hear pitches of startups like Stayforlong, Aervio, or Immfly that focus on a part of traveling that had no need before, like longer stays in countries, management of corporate travels through an agency or providing entertainment in flights. Some of the other pitches that we were lucky to be present for were the Essentialist were they design a tailored trip experience, byHours were the hotel room can be booked only as much as you will need it, Booklyng where they create unique customer experiences on your website, Pruvo where they will find you a cheaper price for a hotel once you have already booked a room, and Vudoir, a company that provides customers with personalized expert advice that helps result in a purchase. Start-up pitches were hosted by Banc Sabadell and presented by José Manuel Carol from BStartup.

This event was a great opportunity for experts to come together and exchange ideas and thoughts on an everchanging industry that needs the key work of startups that understand and are easily adaptable to change while having fun in the beautiful island of Ibiza.