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In tough times like the one we are living in, it’s not all bad news. Community spirit is more present that ever and new initiatives are springing up that in an altruistic way want to collaborate by doing their bit and helping in many cases less favoured sectors.

Nekko would like to show you a selection of interesting ideas/projects, and in this sense, contribute to their spreading. As you will see, the themes of the projects are extremely heterogeneous, a perfect reflection of the great diversity and creativity of our entrepreneurial and investors ecosystem.

HEALTH AND CARE SECTOR This initiative arises from a group of entrepreneurs and investors resident in Barcelona, who in just one week have promoted the purchase of 14 assisted breathing systems approved by the Catalan Institute of Health. The deliveries have been made in the hospitals Parc Taulí in Sabadell, Dr. Trueta in Girona and Bellvitge.

Digital health company, Psious, a provider of a virtual reality (VR) platform for psychologists announces the launch of their Stay Strong At Home ( initiative. The website offers free online counseling sessions from over 100 mental health professionals to help those coping with COVID-19 confinement.

Coronavirus Makers ( is a community of volunteers who are creating emergency health supplies. They have delivered 100,000 masks, 400,000 visors, 20,000 gowns and 200,000 euros invested in material.

Ever Health, a company specialized in telemedicine, joins the slogan #yomequedoencasa and offers free medical queries to avoid displacements. Those interested should send an e-mail to with their personal data and the reason for the consultation. Led by Agustín Gómez, co-founder of Wallapop and under the slogan “Today we are all vulnerable, and we are all heroes” this marketplace is born with the purpose of being a place where people can help each other. From shopping, transport, help for the elderly, psychological support, etc.

Fisify has launched the project to bring physiotherapy to your life in a digital way, taking into account the situation we are living. If you have any pain or discomfort, using artificial intelligence Fisify diagnoses the pathology that you may have (and with the code COVID is free) and then treat through chat with Fisify or and virtual personalized treatment. Remote technology, such as this portable ultrasound machine, is already being used during this pandemic, so more solutions that minimize the need for human contact are going to be very much welcomed.

BUY TODAY, CONSUME TOMORROW this is an initiative led by Bernardo Hernández from Verse to support the local businesses affected by COVID-19. It consists of buying vouchers so that businesses can cover their costs during the state of alarm. When the store reopens, the user can consume the voucher plus a discount (each store chooses the discount). Currently there are 88 registered shops.

Other similar initiatives focused on small businesses: from Lanzanos for restaurants and bars is, in which the user obtains a QR code for each purchase made, to consume once the store reopens its doors; for all types of local commerce


DraperB1 Talent database: Startups from sectors such as travel, retail, services or events have been forced to make personnel adjustments. At the same time, other start-ups of virtual products and remote resource management, are having sales peaks and need to incorporate quality profiles quickly. Therefore, with the aim of creating a pool of talent that allows a rapid relocation, Draper B1 promotes an open database of offers and profiles. These startups will want to make sure their finances are in order as they progress in their first year, as well as subsequent years, this will mean that they may want to look online for accounting firms that have a background in financial support for startups, so they are in good hands.

Registration form:

Database: has created “Covid-19 European Investors Status” (, a database addressed to founders and entrepreneurs in which hundreds of investors from all over the world who are actively investing have registered.

The Startup Valencia association is altruistically connecting experienced mentors with Spanish startups that need help to face the new situation generated by the Covid-19 (

From Cink ( they have created the program “Reinicia“. They already have more than 200 experts in different disciplines who have joined the initiative, giving away 1 hour of their time to offer their experience and knowledge to companies that need it.

Typeform offers to people working on a non-profit COVID-19-related project who needs an efficient survey or data collection solution, 3 months free on the premium plan to help them collect and organise the information they need.

ValidatedID ( is giving away signatures until April 30th to all professionals who need to continue with their responsibilities.

Biometric Vox ( , gives free access to its advanced electronics platform by voice: FirVox. Users who need to sign documents during these days of teleworking will be able to do so without previous installation, with easy access in the cloud and with total legal security.


Bipi ( has made 20% of its fleet of vehicles available to healthcare personnel fighting the coronavirus. In order to access the service, doctors and nurses must request a subscription on the Bipicar website, proving that they are active health professionals, and the car will be delivered to them at the place and time they require. The use of the vehicles for the health personnel will be totally free during the time that the state of alarm lasts. To also help with the healthcare sector during this time of uncertainty, is the implementation of automatic kiosks, which can be found at, that can help reduce contact and keep distance between patients and healthcare professionals, helping to keep people safe and reducing the risk of contamination for both sides.

Socialcar also wanted to contribute by creating SocialMedics (, a totally free service offered through the platform in coordination with the Institut Catal de la Salut, which assigns the vehicles to the health personnel, Uber, which in addition to communicating with its user base in Catalonia, takes care of the operational costs such as the disinfection and cleaning of the vehicles, before and after their use, and AXA which offers full coverage of the vehicle at no cost.

ElParking ( offers the health care providers who are caring for all of us to park in the car parks near the hospitals on its platform at the Héroe rate, at no cost. So that the last thing they must worry about is parking.


UNESPA has created a fund of 37M.Euros covered by the insurance companies to protect our more than 700,000 health care workers facing the COVID-19. The insurance includes a capital of 30,000 euros for death and a subsidy for hospitalization (

Bdeo (, makes available to experts, consultancies and insurance companies, its video-assessment tool at no cost during the present state of alarm to allow workers in the sector to work remotely, guaranteeing their safety and also ensuring continuity of service to all insured parties.


Odilo digital library is providing free access to their web platform in 4 easy steps with no need to ask for the passcode. The only request is to use UP Mail address for account creation, it helps with their stats. #ReadAllYouWant (