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Nekko is growing as a team, creating solid bonds within our own community. We are also developing as a great system that generates and provides meaningful knowledge to partners and entrepreneurs. This is what we shaped during our last team building session.

Last July we celebrated the summer edition of our team building session took place and we would like to share with you our results and how we are growing as a young VC management company, that by the way turned 1 year old last 4th, July.

This team building session was all about exchange of ideas and workshops. We talked about some of the main sectors that we care about the most: blockchain, mobility, traveltech, proptech and media for equity.

Technology is changing the way we are living, the way we are moving and travelling, how we can access property and manage money in terms of transparency. These areas are our core subjects, the ones we want to develop and grow at. Generating valuable knowledge and a differential plus for investors and entrepreneurs.

FOCUSED. As part of our team building activities we shared a role playing workshop alongside DS_AVOCATS. Entrepreneurs, investors and lawyers negotiated a fair term sheet.


We also focused on developing activities that would make us come closer and unify us as a team. We worked on defining our values and top motivations. We would like to share with you our key six:

  • Diversity
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  • Disruptive
  • Ambition

How did we come up with this list of values?

This was the result of one of our team building activities. To us at Nekko, diversity came as one of the main and most recognizable values. With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, London and Paris the multicultural DNA was evident, but what else is diversity providing us?

We come from different backgrounds, each member at Nekko owns a particular perspective and a different way of thinking when it comes to creating solutions to the obstacles that might appear along the way, we are backing people from all walks of life and cultures.

We are open minded and integrate different views to pursue the same goal. At Nekko we have different backgrounds, different brains, and share different cultures. At the very same time, we find value in diversifying; thus we get in touch with startups, investors, and entrepreneurs. Getting in touch and approaching projects that have a different background might end up being beneficial for investments and partnerships. This is an interesting point of view that we shared and that has been exposed in one of its pieces by the Harvard Business Review. 

We agree that diversity is important for us and represents a key value not only in terms of analytical thinking or innovativeness but also as a game changer when it comes to financial performance.

What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset? We define ourselves as entrepreneurs and we work empowering others entrepreneurs. We understand where founders come from and where they want to go. We work as team-builders, in a transparent way and hands on. We like and enjoy working as enablers at different stages of the life of a startup, this position gives us a wider perspective about the future.

The only possible way of having this entrepreneurial mindset is being deeply into it. This is the same as saying that we are passionate about what we do, about our industry and about finding and empowering good ideas to create a future – forward startup ecosystem.

GREAT CLOSING EVENT. To finish our team building activities we were part of the BCN StartUp Meet Up. Nekko Capital was part of the organization along side One Ragtime, Wayra España, Kibo Ventures and Banc Sabadell StartUp.


When you are passionate about something you cannot stop wondering about things, about how they work, and how they can become even better. Curiosity is, for us, the need to get out of our comfort zone and learn new things. It is that hunger that transforms everything and makes projects turn into game changer facts.

Nekko as a concept is disruptive. We have a full stack to offer to startup that includes financing options, media, and, services. At Nekko we are always looking for innovative investments and our Glocal model (London, Barcelona, Paris) not only defines our identity, but also influences our way of generating business and opportunities.

Every member of our team aims to cultivate a brilliant ecosystem. This ambition is a value that keeps us all working everyday towards the same goal.

These are our values, we are Nekko.